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Library Board of Trustees

The members of the board of trustees are appointed serve a 3-year term. The following is the list of Library Board of Trustees as of September 2020.


Member Appointed By Term Expires Office Held
OPEN Vance County    
Emily Abbott Vance County 2021  
Mary Austell Vance County 2022 Vice Chair
Sandy Cowan Vance County 2022  
Diane Davis City of Henderson 2022  
Jerry Ellington Vance County 2022  
Barbara Foster Vance County 2021  
Jean Lark Vance County 2022  
Brooks Spencer Vance County 2023  
Cynthia Walker Vance County 2021 Chair
John Watkins Vance County 2023  
Martha Zollicoffer City of Henderson 2023