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Kids: Homework Help

Take a look at some helpful Websites that promote life long learning as well as homework help!

These Websites are designed for all ages (and levels of learning) and include a variety of ways to learn information through reading, videos, and even fun games and activities.

Math and Science Sites

These Math & Science Websites include animations, games, and interactive tools to help learners better understand concepts.

  • Math Snacks ( are Math Snacks? These are smart educational animations, games, and interactive tools that help learners better understand math concepts.
  • Fact Monster ( Get homework help and find facts on thousands of subjects like science, math, and language arts.  This site also includes fun educational word and math games!
  • Math Games ( These math games are fully aligned with Common Core State Standards and feature popular gaming topics including Zombies, Sharks, and defending your castle against intruders! These games range from PreK-8th Grade.

Writing and Language Arts Sites

The purpose of these Websites is to promote reading, writing, and language arts skills.

  • StoryJumper ( StoryJumper let's kids write and illustrate original online stories.
  • Start With A Book ( Struggling to find a book that interests you?  This site allows you to start with a topic in order to find a great book!
  • Bookopolis ( Bookopolis allows kids to join a community of young readers! Here they can create their own bookshelf, explore new books, and find read a likes. This site also aligns with the Common Core State Standards and provides Graded Reading Level Lists.
  • NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program ( Have you ever wanted to write a novel? NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program is designed for K-12 students who have a passion for writing. This site provides resources for National Writing Month (where NaNoWriMo comes from!) young writers and educators as well. This site also provides Pep Talks from published authors!

Learn How to Write Computer Code

Are you interested in the field of Computer Science? Would you ever want to create your own apps or online computer or video games?

  • Code Monster from Crunchzilla ( This basic introduction to JaveScript allows you to follow instructions from the Code Monster in a gentle and easy introduction to coding. This is not an alternative to studying computer science or coding.
  • CodeMonkey ( CodeMonkey is a fun and educational game environment where students learn to code in a real programming language, no previous experience needed. Learn basic skills associated with computer coding from simple tasks in a game format.